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1° Finance

1° Finance is a modern program for home expense management. Enter your bills, add payment schedules, assign categories and set budget limits. Browse statistics and check what you spend your money on to start saving optimally.

1° Finance has been designed to maintain keep the balance between a user-friendly interface and the functionality allowing you to control your household budget well. Learn which expenses are redundant and how much you can save.

The most significant functions and features of 1° Finance

Familiarise yourself with the main program functions. Take control of your home finance and download 1° Finance today!


Modern interface

Simple and functional. Adjusted in a way that allows adding and browsing your transactions as fast as possible.


Easy addition of new transactions

Current transactions with a schedule, adjustments and money transfers. You only need to type in the transaction value.


Budgets with expense limits

You can assign your transactions to budgets. Budgets can be limited on a monthly, yearly or fixed basis.



In addition to categories or budgets, you can assign tags to your transactions. You can classify tags into the following groups: any, place, payment method, person, bank and priority.



The calendar allows you to browse the summary of your expenses and deposits month by month. You can also browse active budgets and compare their limit use levels.



A set of charts showing a detailed comparison of expenses and deposits. Compare wallets, categories, budgets or tags to know your finances inside out.


Import and export

You can export added transactions to a CSV file or generate a report in the PDF/HTML format. You can also import bank transactions. The program supports the following formats: CSV, OFX and QIF.


Backup copy

To increase the safety of input data, 1° Finance automatically creates backup copies of the database, which you can save or restore at any time.


iCloud synchronisation

All transactions are synchronised with iCloud. You can update data between Mac computers and iPhones.

Presentation of program’s view

Intuitive and friendly interface provides easy operation and motivates you to enter transactions regularly. In order to have a closer look into the layout and functionality, below you can find screenshots of the program.

How to use 1° Finance?

Answers to general issues have been given in case of any difficulties when operating the program. Adding, editing and removing transactions, or other elements to manage the budget easily, have been explained.

How to add transactions?

To add a current transaction, click on the green "New transaction" button (shortcut: ⌘+N). To add a different type of transaction (schedule, balance adjustment or fund transfer), click on the "Add..." button and select the type of transaction you wish to add from the pop-up menu.

How to edit transactions?

To edit a transaction, just double-click on it. You can also click on the "Edit" menu and select the "Edit" option or use the pop-up menu of the transaction.

How to make a backup copy of a transaction?

Select a transaction, click on the "Edit" menu and select "Create a copy".

Can I edit many transactions at once?

Yes, it is possible, but only with current transactions. To do so, select the transactions you wish to edit, holding the ⌘ or Shift key, click on the "Edit" menu and select the "Edit" option.

How to add a new wallet, category, budget or tag?

Go to the "Transactions" view (shortcut: ⌘+2). Select the element you wish to edit, e.g. categories, in the filter sidebar. A list of categories will view in a panel next to it and the "Add a category" button will appear below. You can also add a new element, using the system menu: "Data" -> “Add a wallet".

How to define the type and value of a budget limit?

Go to the "Transactions" view (shortcut: ⌘+2). Select "Budgets" in the filter sidebar. Double-click on the budget you wish to edit. In the menu that pop-ups, select the type of limit you wish to use, e.g. "Monthly limit", and insert a value. Save the changes (⌘+S).

I cannot see my transactions, even though I should

This probably happens due to activated filters a wrong date. Look at the filter bar and see whether too many filters are active. Remember that filters overlap.

Can I select many wallets, categories, etc. at once?

Yes, it is possible. Just hold the ⌘ or Shift key while selecting elements. Then, click on the "Edit" menu and select the "Connect" or "Remove" option (you can also use the pop-up menu to do so).

How to remove a transaction?

Select a transaction(s) you wish to remove, click on the "Edit" menu and select the "Remove" option (you can also use the pop-up menu to do so).

How to import a CSV, QIF or OFX file?

Click on the import icon (the 2nd icon in the top bar or use the shortcut: ⌘+I). Depending on the format of the file to be imported, click on one of three buttons. Select a file and it will be imported into the program. The import configuration view will open.

Adjust the columns you wish to import. To do so, click on the menu below a column and adjust an element from a list. Remember that the date and value of transaction are required. The other elements are optional.

When marking a column as date, you have to select the data viewing format. When everything is set, click on the "Import Selected" button. In a window that opens, select the wallet where you wish to import the transactions. Click on the "Continue" button.

How to export transactions to a CSV file?

You can export transactions to a CSV file in the "Start" or "Transactions" view or in the search view. If you want to export all shown transactions, select the "Export to CSV" option in the "File" program menu.

You can also export selected transactions only. To do so, select the transactions you wish to export, holding the ⌘ or Shift key. Click on the "Edit" menu and select the "Export to CSV" option.

How to print or generate a report in the PDF or HTML format?

You can generate a report in the "Start" or "Transactions" view or in the search view. Reports are generated on the basis of the viewed transactions. To generate a report, select the "Generate a PDF report" or "Generate a HTML report" option in the "File" program menu. To print a transaction report, select the "Print" option.

How to manage backup copies?

Open the window with program settings (click on the 3rd icon in the top bar or use the shortcut: ⌘+,). Here you can enable/disable the automatic backup copy function. Then, click on the "Manage" button. A list of copies will appear. Select the copy you wish to restore (the "Restore" button) or save in a different directory (the "Save" button).

To restore a copy from a previously saved file, click on the "Restore from File" button. Click on the "OK" button to close the copy manager view.

How to enable the PIN guard?

Open the window with program settings (click on the 3rd icon in the top bar or use the shortcut: ⌘+,). Click on the "Set the PIN Code" button. Enter a 4-digit code twice and press the "Save" button. To disable the guard, click on the "Disable the Code" button.

How to restore transactions from iCloud?

The iCloud synchronisation is enabled on default (it can be disabled in the program settings). Transactions are automatically synchronised with the cloud. Transactions are restored automatically as well and as soon as they are downloaded they appear in the program.

How to restore activity for PRO version (In-App Purchases)?

When the activity of PRO version expires, go to purchase view by clicking “Change to PRO version” below the application name and then click "Restore purchase" button.

Data transfer between 1° Finance and 1° Finance PRO.

With active iCloud service data should be synchronized automatically between two applications. When the service is available, transactions may be transferred with use of automatic backup copies (application settings).

I have found an error or I want to ask a question.

If you have not found the answer to your question at the website or you want to report a bug, write to us.


Due to quality of the update process and presentation the program is available for download only in "Mac App Store". Buy the program now and start managing your budget. Learn more about your needs and start saving.

1° Finance in free trial has limited functionality. When the transaction number exceeds 50 units, 'Transaction', 'Calendar', 'Statistics' and 'Import' view will become inactive. Still you will be able to add transactions and accounts without no limits!

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